Fahrenheit 451 Book Review.

Americans don't read books and don't enjoy nature in the future. Futuristic society bans and burns all books, it is against the law to read and own any books. People just watch TV, drive fast and totally rely on technology.

Fahrenheit 451 is a story of the protagonist Guy Montag, who works as a fireman whose profession is to burn houses but not to save them. The book starts with meeting him with a teen named Clarisse McClellan that loves her family, nature and all other things that are not related to technology. This meeting awakes Montag and he realizes that the whole world lives wrong life. He understands the value of the literature and books. His wife Mildred has the opposite point of view, she completely relies on TV and needs radio with pills to help her sleep. Mildred becomes more and more uncomfortable with her husband’s increasing independence.

Montag starts breaking the law, he begins stealing books but his chief finds out this and allows him to take books to satisfy his curiosity, after this he should return them. There is no need to spoil the rest of the book, but it is clearly that Montag rapidly realizes that reading books is really essential and important for people. All in all, Fahrenheit 451 written in 1950's is relevant to the issues of modern society.

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